Monday, August 28, 2006


Bank Holiday Monday 2003.
Me and Zara meet for the first time.

Three years later and we're (hopefully) still as happy as the first time we met. Although I'm sure she'll tell you something a little more colourful.

It's amazing the things you find on the internet.

After my marriage broke down, up or whichever direction it goes in. I thought i'd never want to live with anybody else again. I was happy playing the field.

And as with most fields, they have their good parts and their bad, some dry places, and some places crawling with strange little creatures. But in the field was also a beautiful flower that just attracted me from the moment I saw it.

Unfortunately Zara stamped all over it and had stood in it's place by the time I got to it.

Ok, ok, i'm joking. Yes, the flower was Zara. But that little paragraph was getting a little too Mills n Boony.

As as someone who likes a whole lotta time to himself I think Zara deserves a medal for putting up with me for the past 3 years. Although I can say the same also ;)

So how did we spend this most romantic of days?

Buying a network card for the spare pc and struggling to get the miriad of cables under control behind the tv in an attempt to thwart small rodent teeth from reducing a very nice widescreen tv to a box full of bits.

Oh, Zara did also get a nice new digital camera, so everything is getting photographed at 5.1 Megapixels and at 10x zoom.

I got a coaster with a rat picture on it. But it keeps my computer table clean and looks nice.

So I like it.

Happy Anniversary honey.

I love you.