Monday, August 07, 2006


Lazy blog moment. Well actually. Lazy blog weekend.
I've been wanting to write stuff down. But it seemed like too much effort to log in. And..well...type.

My mind has been bouncing between being insanely happy with my life, to feeling trapped and not too sure on where things are going.

This usually happens when me n Zara argue. This soon passes onto something more important.
Will she notice if I eat this whole pack of Jammy Dodgers before we go shopping next weekend.

My mind works in mysterious ways. Although usually it just doesn't.
Currently it's in the 'I work at the shittiest place ever. And the first chance I get i'm out the door'. And then it'll pass.

But just recently it's been a bit of a running theme inside my head. Nothing to do with the fact that since nearly every single worker has left i'm the only mug to stay in the place that doesn't belong to the same family.

It's like working with a bunch of inbreeds.

I should just get out.

It's like a have a smeagol/gollum moment.

I should get out/but it's not that bad
The manager is a halfwit/but he's one of the lads, a bit of a laugh
There's better jobs out there/I'm pretty well paid