Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blue, Black, Red, Blue...BLUE!

Thats all I can hear at the minute. Zara's shiny new black Nintendo DS arrived today. So there'll be no more squabbling between us over who gets to play with mine.

Hmm, dirty innuendo moment there.

Anyway, Dr Whatshischops Brain Training is getting pretty addictive. Our brains are both in their 30's now. Although mine has been as young as 29. Of course if you've never played this game before you're really gonna wonder what the hell i'm on about.

Update: Zara's brain is now 37...she is NOT happy.

So as you can tell we've both gone DS mad. And any spare cash is being sucked up into the Nintendo pot. We we're both sat in the living room earlier 'chatting' to each other via our DS's.

Geeky and sad you may say. And I would have agreed with you before i'd paid a visit to the library.

After a hard mornings work earning more DS game money I popped into the library to renew a book i'd taken out 2 weeks ago. A typically geeky book on Linux. Anywhoo, this guy infront of me who looked like King of the geeks was getting a book out.

The big book of Sausages.

WTF! he looked quite excited with his librarial (if that isn't a word then it is now!) find. I tried to avoid eye contact in case he spied me looking at his sausage-esk bible and regaled me in stories of his sausaging.

Ok, sexual innuendo detector on overload now!

I'm babbling now. I guess this is what happens when you don't post for a few days.

And I haven't even got onto ranting about how people have no idea about the highway code and that trying to get through a gap past a parked car whilst i'm barreling towards them in my big white van is pretty low on the list of 'good ideas'

...and breath...

Right, I feel better for that.