Sunday, September 10, 2006


Apart from the gentle hum of the computers and the dulcet tones of Miaow snoring the house is in silence.

Me n Zara aren't talking.

Blame the sink. If it hadn't been all gunged up then none of this would have happened.
So blame gunge really I guess.
Oh, and lack of food.
And sleep.
And me being crap at most things involving the house.
And my lousy mood.
Probably brought on by lack of food and sleep.
And the fact we didn't get to buy a dvd recorder for the living room.

So now i'm in the bath feeling low and mad.
Not at anyone or anything in particular. Just that low, empty, dark, aggresive feeling you have when you know you've lost control of the situation and feel like the plane is nosediving towards the ground.

Oh, and the feeling you're making a mountain out of a molehill. But part of you WANTS to make a mountin out of a molehill.

Damn, I feel like i'm copying Bored Housewife's style of writing.
But I like it. It's so much easier than trying to write coherent sentences when all you want to do is unload your brain.

It's not all my fault. If Zara wasn't such a fussy bi..girl I wouldn't get so wound up.

So maybe it is all my fault.

I was going to try something new a la Keith & the Girl and at the end of each post type my hi/low. As in what was the high point of my day and what was the low.

Sort of like a summary if you will. See how long it lasts.

High: Setting up my spare pc as a linux file server and getting it all running properly..woo!
Low: Too many to mention today, urgh.