Sunday, September 24, 2006

Young at....brain?

The lack of posts the last couple of days can be put down to one thing.

Nintendo DS.

In a fit of spending fury I threw caution to the wind and credit card to and ordered a lovely white Nintendo DS white.

For a bargain price of £109 with a copy of Dr thingumyjig's Brain Training I couldn't put if off any longer. And after 2 days brain training i`ve gone from having the brain of a 72 year old to that of a 33 year old. I'll let Zara comment on her progress...hehe.

So is it any good? Well after about an hour showing it off to my parents they were straight onto amazon to order one for themselves. Family get togethers are going to get a lot more interesting.

But now I have a headache. I think i've stretched my mental capacity too far. Which doesn't take too long. By the end of the week my brain should be that of a new born baby. So i'll be dribbling and cooing by the weekend.

Which is pretty much how I end up after a few too many.