Saturday, October 21, 2006


I fucking hate this time of year
All the little retards are wetting themselves over the fact they can let off fireworks whenever and wherever they want.
Even in the middle of the day.
Which I guess goes some way to show their mental ability.
I blogged about this last year. And I guess it's something that will piss me off every year, so here it is again

Why the hell shops are allowed to sell fireworks to anybody other than organizations is beyond me.
Other than the fact the government would miss out on the extra revenue I guess.

Our cat freaks out everytime one goes off.
Fireworks, bonfires. I could really live without this 'tradition' which has very little meaning left behind why we celebrate the 5th November.

It happened over 400 years ago people. Time to move on.

Guy Fawkes must be turning in his grave!