Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Yes. Blame the little white box on the lack of posts the last few days.
I'm an addict. Pure and simple.
It'll only get worse mark my words. As soon as it comes out we're treating ourselves to a Wii for christmas.
Although I suppose I could just then blog on my Wii. Got my DS working with my wireless connection so me and Zara are having great fun losing to people all around the world at Mario Kart and Tetris.
Good times.

So now here I sit getting slightly chilly in the bath.
Damn you small inferior hot water tank.
It's starting to get way too cold here now. And winter has yet to arrive.
The winter wollies will be out soon.

On a happier note. My blog has made it onto, yay.
Fame and fortune can not be far away now.