Sunday, October 29, 2006

A fine day

Today has been good.
Actually today has been fucking excellent.
It all started well by me n Zara beating each other.
Er, at Mario Kart DS and Tetris that is.

If I see another cool video showing off the Wii i'm gonna explode. Either that or Zara will really beat me!

So how was today also a good day.
Nicky Hayden only won the 2006 MotoGP championship. Woo
And woo again.
Also another reason for Zara to do me in as i've been like a kiddy in a candy/DS store.

Best. Race. Ever. Although I didn't actually watch much of the race. Instead I was glued to my laptop with the timing screen on.

Ok, I imagine none of you reading this has the faintest idea what i'm babbling on about.
But damnit. It's my blog , so I'll woo as much as I want.


Ok, i'm done now.

Not the most exciting news to many, not the most interesting thing I've got to say about my whole weekend. But it'll do for now.