Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy 10th Birthday me!

Yes, I`m 10 years old.

Last month, on the 7th September 1996 I made my first ever impression on the internet. On a pet newsgroup.
And then again on the 8th in the same thread as I buggered up my first post.


I have gotten slightly better since then. Can`t believe it`s been 10 years. Slightly over maybe as my first foray into the online world was through Compuserve on my dad`s blisteringly quick 486.

Then I managed to talk my (then) wife into getting connected with a 14,400 modem. On my Amiga. Good times.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years. More than I thought possible. I'm gonna have to dig out some old photos from 10 years ago.

See if i`ve changed as well.