Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've bottled it up long enough. Well, actually I haven't 'cos I tend to rant to Zara about him...but anyway, today was extra special.

There's this guy.

Wow, now that sounds gay! Ok, there's this workmate. He's only been working for us about a month. But been working in the industry about 7 years. But, well, how can I put this.

Chocolate fireguard
Chocolate teapot
Ashtray on a motorbike
Fart in a paperbag

All the above are more useful than this guy.

I try to talk to him as little as possible. But in a place with only half a dozen people in it; that makes it kinda difficult.


Him: So do you like listening to Christina Aquawhatsherface (ok, I made thayt last name up, but you know who I mean)
Me: Not really, she's damn sexy tho.
Him: Yeah, what about Bouncy (Beyonce, or whatever her name is)
Me: Umm, no.

Him: Where's the chair? (there's a chair out in the factory for us to use, but I nicked it and put it in my work room)
Me: In my room (which you should already know as you saw me sitting on it before tea break)
Him, Oh, what's it in there for.
Me: What the hell do you think it's in there for...decoration!
Me: *leaps over workbench to batter muppet senseless*

Ok, maybe the last two bits didn't happen...but it was close.

Now, I guess he was probably just trying to make conversation. But i'm not the chitty chatty kind of person. But he doesn't seem to take the hint.

And...he doesn't really seem to take in my, um, natural surroundings.

I have long hair
I have piercings and tattoos
I generally wear linkin park, Limp Bizkit t-shirts
I wear a Deftones hooded top

Do I look like the kind of person to listen to Be-bloody-once. Or be interested in the fact you went to see Kylie last year.

I must sound like a right twat talking about him like this. But if you had to work with him 8 hours a day you'd understand. I think most workplaces have at least one person they could do without.

Maybe i've been that person!

Meh, such is life. Ok, i'm done.