Sunday, October 08, 2006


I think i'm coming down with something.
All the signs are there. The signs Zara had before she got ill. And has now passed on said contagion to me.

Hopefully it won't come to anything. I haven't been ill in a long time. I was always catching colds as a kid. But as i've got older (but not necessarily grown up) i've become a bit hardier to the little beasties that try and infect me.

I'm on holiday for the next week, I can't decide if getting ill is good timing or bad.

Again, hopefully it won't come to anything.

So i'm going to have as relaxing a week as possible. Until Friday anyway. Which probably doesn't mean a lot to people who don't read this often. Or don't know me.

You'll find out if things get too much and a sudden rush of emotion comes out via the keyboard (read back to this time last year if you really want to know).

I'm doing a little better this year for some reason. Up 'til now. Not so many downs. But i'm trying not to let things prey on my mind.

A nintendo DS is wonderful for occupying your mind!

My brother would have loved it :(

Damn, there I go. First crack in the armour.