Monday, October 02, 2006


Well as usual i've left my posting until as late as possible and now I'm being...umm, what's the word. 'Asked' if i'm getting out the bath soon.

Someone is wanting to get tea started methinks. Monday has been a bit...umm. That's the best way to describe it really. Umm.

Nothing really happened. Nothing wound me up. Nothing pissed me off. I guess nobody was awake enough this Monday to cause me grief. I'll have to watch the news later to see if anything happened.

Maybe the rest of the world had an umm day. I'll switch on the tv and find the news reporter sleeping at their desk.

Ok. Now, this isn't a complaint, or a moan or a gripe about the lack of comments I get. I'm rising above all that...for now anyway.

But Zara did 'mention' that she was unable to post a comment today. Anybody else having problems? Anyone know how to get haloscan working in blogger beta?

Email/skype or send me and odeo message of you have anything to say..those buttons are there on the right for a purpose people...use em!

Well on that happy note I shall depart dear reader.

Todays High: 29 on Brain Age, woo.
Todays Low: Bluetooth not working on my laptop, damnit.