Thursday, November 30, 2006



That was the week flying by. Can't believe it's 5 days since my last post. Dr whatshischops on Brain Training won't be happy with me either as I haven't trained my brain for a week.

Thank you all for your kinds words, and messages as to my whereabouts. I was inundated with emails /sarcasm

Been working too damned hard this week so my mood is less than stellar. Hence my need to take it out on the keyboard.

So I will start with a Fuuuuckkkk You, and work my way up.

The Boss, even whilst being away on holiday is still managing to fuck things up. The muppet, despite my strongest nightly prayers is still 'working' for us. And i've had more work this past week than I have all year.

Still, as from next Monday i'll be starting the big 2 week countdown until I start my holiday. And i'm more than ready for a few weeks of constant binging and nightly piss ups. The spare room is chocca with Christmas goodies. I've pretty much done my present buying. Thanks in no small part to

So now it's t-minus 18 days and counting.