Sunday, November 19, 2006


Four weeks to go.
Four weeks until I finish work for Christmas.
Four weeks until I can stay in bed 24/7 out of this damn cold horrible weather and do nothing except play on my DS until the Wii arrives and then I'll have to get out of bed....

*deep breaths*

A big thank you to both Deanna and Carto for making me feel slightly better about the workrat situation. Only slightly better though. I always have to feel a little guilty about something.

Speaking of Carto, I got myself a new DS game yesterday. Ok, it was a tenuous link at best. So now i've been playing Animal Crossing like mad. I'm addicted already, and have managed to get Zara hooked too. Which didn't take very long this morning and meant my DS was hijacked to the point that the battery was dying.

So that'll be another friend code i'll have to add to the right hand side of this blog.

Hopefully it'll keep me going until our Wii arrives. Which won't be in the first batch destined for delivery on the 8 Dec...damnit. Still, gotta be better than following the sheep and buying a PS3 on ebay for at least 5 times the RRP...suckers.

Ok, enough of the boring geekdom I hear someone cry.

Which doesn't leave me with much to blog about. No doubt the ensuing week will kick up something to rant about as 'the muppet' attempts to do either himself or someone else some damage carrying glass around the factory.

Makes the day more....interesting.