Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Complaints department

Well. It looks like my posts have been missed considering all the subtle...and not so subtle messages i've been getting.

You know who you are!

I must admit I didn't realise how few times I was posting until I looked at the number of posts I made in january (40) and the number of posts I made last month (18). Less than half!

Which is quite amazing considering the amount of times the new guy at work pisses me off. Who from now on I shall refer to as 'muppet'

Who by now has had his stitches out from the time last week where he nearly lost his life and ended up with...er...6 stitches.

Yeah, cry me a river you wuss.

We've all been there. It's the joys with working with glass. Anyway, I found this amazing website where you can rant anonymously about a fellow coworker, and send them an email...so I guess I know where i'll be going next!

And no, muppet. After telling you I have stuff like Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails and the like on my Ipod I don't like Michael fucking Jackson...sigh.

*deep breaths*

So, anyway. We all survived bonfire night. Miaow got a little spooked, but that's it over for another year. Yay.

Apart from that a pretty uneventful weekend. Apart from making Zara cry in the middle of Tesco. And then getting hateful looks off all the women in the store.

What a bastard I am.

Ok, I don't think I made her cry. She was in a mood. I was in a mood. Words were said. Tears were shed. It was just a whole mood thing.

So here I lay..in the bath, of course cos it's damn cold everywhere else in the house. Relaxed. Calm. Serene.

It'll soon be Christmas.

Oh yeah, and finally. For anybody who's as addicted to their DS as me. I'm gonna start putting my friend code on the right hand side. But for now here's the only came i've got with a friend code. Mario Kart DS 073096 316837.

Hope to see you on the track.