Saturday, November 25, 2006

What a week!

I didn't think this week could drum up any more madness until I went round to my parents house to find that my mum had taken a tumble in town and knocked her front teeth out!

She felt very self conscious and I tried not to look. But it really shook me up. It shows that my parents are vulnerable. Especially my mum. And that it's slowly heading towards the time where I have to look out for them.

I'm probably making them sound a lot older than they actually are. Which isn't really the point I'm trying to make. But it's one of those things you don't consider until something like this happens.

Both my parents are fighting fit, my dad goes flying every moment he can. My mum travels to her mother's house for visits. But it shows, all it needs is one trip, one tumble.

I know it can happen to anybody at anytime of life. But they're my parents. They're my life. Even though i'm going on 37 they're a big part of me.

I know i'm settled in my own home with Zara and have our own life going on. But I sometimes wonder how vulnerable I will feel when I don't have my parents to turn to for guidance. Or just a shoulder to cry on.

If I can lose my brother before he managed to turn 30, then whose to say I can't lose my parents before their time either.

Damn, this is a depressing post.