Monday, December 18, 2006

Birth day

I can't sleep. Which means Zara can't sleep.

I had a whole post floating around in my head. Which somehow feels like cheating. Should posts always be spontaneous?

Well, when Zara dreams it's like a full on theatrical production. She really should write them down. Or blog them.

So I've had the full on blockbuster version of Zara's dream and now my post has dribbled out my ears. I'm not complaining, or blaming Zara. Just saying where my head is right now. Which might be a good thing. My original post might have sounded a little contrived.

Damn, I really want to post more. My head is now empty of all thoughts. There was so many of them bouncing around in my head at 6am.

So, here I lay. On the settee with a blanket round me, in the dark, with the fire slowly cooking me. The low hum of the laptop, the sound of our rats snuffling around in the background.

It feels safe and warm. Which is how I want to be as inside I feel empty.

Urgh, there's one of those cliched lines.