Monday, December 04, 2006

Money money money

Yeah, it's Monday.
Yeah, my back still aches like mad.
And...yeah. I've had enough of work already.

But, it's Ebay night!

In about two and a half hours my 'Vintage' Lego item auctions will end. And my paypal account will be looking nice n healthy.

Who says money can't buy you happiness?

It's not gonna be enough to retire on, but it'll make Christmas very merry. I already sold my PS2 to make way for the Wii. And got a nice warm fuzzy feeling by accepting less than I wanted so a little boy would get what he wanted on his birthday.

Aah. Yeah, she coulda been spinning me a tale, but. What the hell. It was my good deed for this year in the hope that our Wii will arrive before Christmas.

Clocking up the overtime at work. Getting paid for my little job on the side, and selling on Ebay.

Yep, money makes me pretty damn happy.