Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thump thump thump

Today has been a day of recovery.
In both mind and body.

Which sounds kinda cool and mystical and stuff.
But in reality it just means I drank way too much on the works piss up last night.

Evil Smirnoff Ice.

But I think my self is starting to forgive me for the 7 hours I made it down copious amounts of vodka. Although the hour or so playing Wii Sports this afternoon did cause a slight setback in the recovery process.

Anybody else reading this got their Wii's yet? no? Nobody wanna exchange Wii addresses? No? Anybody still playing Animal Crossing? And when I say anybody I mean you Carto? hmm? hmm?

I think it's official. Me n Zara are complete Nintendo fanboys, er girls, er people. You've not lived if you haven't experienced Zara in full flow playing boxing. It's a scary sight. I fear for my safety now.

So yeah. We're having fun. Christmas is going great so far. Life is feeling good.

I'm a happy bunny.