Sunday, December 10, 2006


Sigh. So the 8th December came n went with no sign of the wii.

Which I knew would happen. But you always live in hope. But we did get part of our order.

Yes, we now have the extra controller and Wii Play to, er, practice swinging around in the living room in anticipation of the arrival of our little bundle of nintendo goodness.

So right now i'm soaking in the bath. No surprise there. Working up the energy to tackle the Christmas decorations. Which may seem early to some. But considering half our street looks like Blackpool illuminations then our few coloured lights and little tree will be nothing to look at.

I'm feeling Christmasy now. I think the Port n lemonade we had earlier went a long way to put me in the Christmas spirit.

We are SO ready for Christmas. Nearly all the presents have been bought. All put a couple being bought online. The food is in, the booze is in. Just 5 more little work days to go for me then it can begin.

This is gonna be such a long week!