Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rinse and repeat

And another crappy New Year begins.

I'm full of cold. As soon as my holidays started I could feel it taking over my system. And now it's set up home in my head and keeps making banging noises and has installed cladding in the walls.


Anyway. Christmas was great despite all this. Oh, and Zara's wisdom tooth made a bid for freedom and has been trying to push it's way up. So she's not a happy bunny.

Anyway, yeah. Christmas. Copious amounts of alcohol were drunk. EU food size mountains were eaten. And cool presents exchanged. And we've still got a ton of food to get through. I think we went a little mad on the shopping.

So now I have books to read. DVD's to watch and Nintendo DS/PC games to play.

The Wii is way more fun than I imagined (Sorry to rub it in Carto). My parents came round Boxing Day and we played Wii Sports until we couldn't move. My mum was frighteningly good at it!

Then it was down to Oxford to stay at Zara's Dad's....

...ok, I'll stop typing for now.

Don't want to make this into a novel sized post.