Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Can't believe it's been nearly a week since my last post.
And I hope my reader(s) haven't been feeling neglected, but I can't say i've missed blogging.

It's just laziness. I'm out of the groove. I get settled in the bath ready to write another rant and then think, ahh, this is nice and warm. Relax.

And all the anger just washes away.

My hand hurts though.

I punched the shed door in a moment of frustration. I can't say i've been feeling particularly calm this last week or so. No one thing is to blame. Jut life I guess. Money. The usual things.

Living with a stubborn head strong, yet slightly indecisive girl doesn't help. Joking honey ;)

So i'm finally uploading the videos of us playing the wii over Christmas. It's still January so I think it still falls under the festive season umbrella. I'll blog them as soon as they're uploaded.

Which might be sometime in February going by my track record.

So there you go. After a week waiting for me to say something deep and meaningful you get a few lines of waffle.

Meh, Life eh.