Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's no good. I need to blog. Finally.
And when I do it's cos i'm in a slump, funk or whatever it's called.

I've got a downer on life and all those that inhabit it. There's a fly on my wall, and I rate it more highly than some human beings.

If it wasn't for the fact i have Zara and all our pets i'd probably be cutting my arms up right now.

When the first thing you see in on digg are stories titled

Man convicted of throwing...

Brothers get 10 years for cooking...

Then your day is already off to a bad start. Hopefully these fuckers will get whats coming to them whilst in jail. Ok, I've cut the end of both those titles off in case it upsets anyone. But click the links if you feel the need.

Needless to say it's pretty horrific stuff.

So after a shitty week my weekend is already fucked up.

I know, I know. These stories are pretty few and far between. But it still happens to something somewhere.

Although it did kind of put my week into perspective. Poor little me and my poor little life. Except for me it is. You can only relate to what you're going through personally. The rest is just empathy. I'm probably making no sense right now. Blame it on the Stella Artois.

It's official. I hate my job. No wait. I hate my place of employment. Things could change. But they're not happening fast enough. I'm stuck in the hell reserved only for people who talk in the theatre (ok, small Firefly reference there, ignore it if you like).

I really don't know where to begin. So I shan't. Just imagine the worst place you've worked. Then imagine the person you most hated in your life. Now imagine that person is your boss. Now imagine that persons entire family also works in the same place.

Yeah. Welcome to my life.

So why not just leave. Well, that doesn't exactly help pay the mortgage. So until the situation changes to the point that leaving is an option then I shall have to just ramble on here about how shitty things are like i'm some kind of fucking emo.

So to summaries the things I love:

Things I hate:

Ain't life grand.