Sunday, March 11, 2007

coo-ee i'm here

But only just. So full of cold. Which seemed to come out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks.

So yeah. I'm being a typical male with a common cold right now.

So how has the last 7 days or so been treating me I hear you mumble? Honestly. I have no idea. I have the crappiest memory known to man or beast.

I envy goldfish.

To give an example. I set a reminder on my phone to go off 9am Saturday morning. Car was due for its MOT. This went off as planned. A few minutes later a 2nd alarm goes off. Which, having forgotten about the first 'reminder' I'd also set.

Oh to have the brain of a guppy right now.

The car didn't pass its MOT. The car didn't even get the chance to be put through its MOT as the bonnet catch broke and they couldn't get the damn thing open.

Well before that little wobble in the life of me yesterday the past week has been reasonably ok. Especially Wednesday when the boss was being his usual nobbish self and told us all to fuck off home.

So I did. Ah it felt good. And I still have a job. That'll teach him to choose his words more carefully. Maybe. Probably not actually as he's a bit intelligently challenged.

So I finally got round to this wonderful blog post. On my wonderful new laptop. Which is. Wonderful. I keep meaning to do a post using Vista's speech recognition but due to the fact I can't understand me at the minute then I shall have to take rain check on this plan.

And if nobody has realised i'm addicted to tumblr. It's so easy for lazy people like me to post stuff. I've stuck the rss feed on the right of my blog so you don't even have to visit. But if you do want to then click here. Yes, yes. I know i've mentioned this before. But if you read from the top of this paragraph then you'll see the bit where I say i'm addicted. So gives me an excuse to mention it as often as possible. Crappy memory or not.

Well my laptop battery is about to die. My brain is about to dribble out my ears and I can't think of anything else to say.

Perfect place to stop methinks.