Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Seeing someone else

Yes. I'm guilty. I've been playing elsewhere and have been spending less and less time with you.
It's not you.
Well maybe partly it is.
There's less complications with this other one.
Nicer looks too.
But don't take it personally. I'll keep with you until the bitter end.
I still have feelings for you and that's what matters.
This new one is just..well...different.

Of course i'm talking about blogs here. And by blog I mean my new fave obsession, and by obsession I mean here.

My private, or not so private thoughts, cake tuesday and the like will still be posted here. But the other crap I find on the internet will be over on my tumblr site. As well as the other dozen sites i'm addicted to at the minute.

I'll try not to let this blog fall into disrepair.
Maybe I just need to spread my wings a bit.
Try a change of scenery.

That sort of thing.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Cat Walk!

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

I'm just taking the cats out for a walk...

Maurice, Elmo and Pixie often tag along on the four-mile walks by the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales. The intrepid moggies pick their way through moorland and even negotiate tricky stiles on the route. They also leap onto the sign posts, perhaps to check they are going in the right direction.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Too Long

It's so easy to get out the habit of blogging.
I've had nothing to say since my last post?
Surely not.
I think it's a habit. And like most habits they can be gotten out of.
I've sat there numerous times thinking I should blog this. And then just thought 'nah' can't be arsed to really.
It's the same with a lot of things I guess. Pictures on Flickr, Videos on Daily Motion, Mobile pics on moblog. Posts on Twitter, Tumblr. I spread myself so thin that I don't want to do any of them.
See how I got all my links in on one sentence there.
I could never do this online stuff as a job.
Unless, I could do it, if I was being paid for it...hmmm.

Anyway, after my last Cake Tuesday post a little slice of fame befell me n Zara. The story made digg and for a few days after that I was getting a thousand hits a day. And it felt good.
So maybe I can see why some people can do this day in day out.

We kept logging into digg to check out how many diggs we'd got, and read the comments. In a sad geeky kinda way it was quite exciting. Other bloggers blogged us. We'd hit the big time. And then it was over. Our moment in the spotlight was over.

It wasn't anything big or exciting. It didn't make us tons of money. But just for a minute we were noticed in this big world. It was a complete ego boost for both of us though. And I think Zara got a kick out of it answering all the cake related questions and all the compliments on her fantastic creation.

My parents have cut the cake up. Although they have managed to keep the 'screens' intact. Which will be saved. But you can't keep my dad away from fruit cake for too long!