Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Seeing someone else

Yes. I'm guilty. I've been playing elsewhere and have been spending less and less time with you.
It's not you.
Well maybe partly it is.
There's less complications with this other one.
Nicer looks too.
But don't take it personally. I'll keep with you until the bitter end.
I still have feelings for you and that's what matters.
This new one is just..well...different.

Of course i'm talking about blogs here. And by blog I mean my new fave obsession, and by obsession I mean here.

My private, or not so private thoughts, cake tuesday and the like will still be posted here. But the other crap I find on the internet will be over on my tumblr site. As well as the other dozen sites i'm addicted to at the minute.

I'll try not to let this blog fall into disrepair.
Maybe I just need to spread my wings a bit.
Try a change of scenery.

That sort of thing.