Sunday, July 29, 2007


If if wasn't for the presence a of large Ginger head in one of these pictures it may be hard to believe that these pictures were taken only yesterday. Yes we have a new visitor. I've named him Junior for the remarkable resemblance he has to the ginger cat we already have in our household. Not just looks but mannerisms and paw size too!

We discovered him last night in the garden when we were putting the pigs to bed, so we guess he's a new resident to one of the surrounding houses. Of course not missing a chance for photo opportunity I went out armed with a camera, much to the worry of senior who was watching from the kitchen window wondering weather he was to be replaced! I did feel guilty knowing he was watching, but you forget what energy they have and how fun they are to be around at that age, that I just couldn't help myself!
Anyway I shall go now its just starting to thunder so I better see where Garfield senior is!

If some photos are a little blurry it was getting quite dark at this point and it was a job keeping up with him!

(Posted by Zara)