Monday, September 08, 2008

Make an honest man of me...

Ooh, it's dark in here...hello, hello...anyone here?

Ok, so it'a been umm, some months since I last posted. I'm kinda into the microblogging thing at the minute so hammering Twitter et al pretty hard. 

It's been an up n down kinda few months. We've lost a few pets, but also gained a few. We seem to have been adopted by what we assume are three stray cats. Either that or they can see the sign on our foreheads that reads, 'we're soft as shit...get your food here'

Well despite all this me n Zara are still together and going strong. So as of last night in the most romantic way possible i.e laid in bed half asleep we got engaged.

It's going to be a long engagement for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fact that i've 'been there, done that got the t-shirt'. I'm kinda scared. I want to marry Zara. And one day I will. It's taken me this long to actually get engaged (5 yrs) so i'm not exactly rushing into things.

I don't want a big wedding, I don't want stand up infront of people and make a speech, I don't want to feel stupid or alone due to the fact friends are thin on the ground for me, or my family circle is decreasing with every passing year. If I had my way then i'd have us sneak off quietly somewhere, just my parents, Zara's close family and have a small intimate ceremony. 

Last time I went through this I had my brother at my side. 

I want to give Zara the wedding she deserves. I'm sure in time i'll be able to do that. But my self confidence and belief moves at a glacial pace.